The CFD Bare Minimum Short Guide – Free Online Studying

I have been asked by many members of the CFD ISRAEL group (some of which already practice CFD as a support tool for a diversity of engineering applications) regarding basic CFD courses which are unnecessarily linked to a specific commercial code but goes all the way to basics with respect to CFD (numerical schemes, modified equation, CFL, Von Neumann analysis, numerical diffusion, pressure-velocity coupling, types of meshing, turbulence modelling, etc’…).
As such, the following well-built online course (32 lessons), given by Boston University and encompasses all the basics of CFD as an academic course should (maybe except the part of Turbulence Modelling for which David Wilcox’s book would be my choice for a solid starting point):

CFD basics – online studying

Yet some more amazing CFD material is posted on behalf of J.M. McDonough (university of Kentucky).
The fascinating lecture notes shall take the reader on the road from basic fluid dynamics to numerical modeling and CFD related numerical handling in general and CFD related issues, through a remarkable lecture on the witchcraft of Turbulence Modelling  (one of the most enlightening lecture notes I’ve read (quite a few times… ) and to confronting Computational Analysis of Partial differential Equations (ever more so for the calculation of Multiphysics problems) all of which from a mathematician point of view, hence with a lot of scrutiny.

The lectures are one of the most thorough and well written I was honored to have had a chance to tackle:

Lectures in Elementary Fluid Dynamics

Lectures in Computational Numerical Analysis

Lectures on Turbulence and Turbulence Modeling (highly recommended)

Lectures on Computational Analysis of Incompressible Flow (all the need to know concerning NS basic numerical modelling

Lectures on Computational Analysis of PDEs

The following presentation by Prof. Filippo Maria Denaro is a thorough introduction to LES along with a very useful lecture notes on various crucial subjects in CFD and turbulence (Turbulence phenomena and modelling approaches, discretization and modified wave-number analysis, Nyquist theorems, etc’…):

Lecture on LES – Part I and II

The above route is merely my quick and preferred recommendation and certainly doesn’t to capture the abundance of ways and resources to learn CFD.

Last, I would also add that choosing your expenditure wisely by enrolling in specific targeted training programs and purchasing (or borrowing) some essential seminal related books will undoubtedly boost the studying life-cycle and experience.

Enjoy… 😉

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

The end

Recommended CFD/Turbulence related readings:

Favorite book list

LOGOTENZOR – Channel Partner ANSYS


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  1. Pradeep kumar Srinivasan

    I think the first link is broken. Can you please fix it?

    Btw you have an amazing blog, I really love reading your article! Much appreciated for your work!


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