CFD Exceptional Presentations


In the following post I shall present some simulations which I have found to be both exceptionally pre and post presented and especially predictive.

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Other presentation are theoretical q and Aerodynamics reviews rather than simulations which were found by me to stand out of the ordinary.

Far and foremost the presentations chosen as to motivate you for a life of enjoyable CFD and beyond.

          1. It’s always best to begin with Dr. Shawn Achor’s TED presentation for motivating an enjoyable CFD practice:The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor
          2. Phil Roe’s Colorful Fluid Dynamics: Behind the Scenes” is a an informative and enjoyable historical review of CFD evolution:Colorful Fluid Dynamics: Behind the Scenes
          3. Doug McLean’s presentation “Common Misconceptions in Aerodynamics” is actually a preview for a seminal and intuitive book “Understanding Aerodynamic” I especially recommend.
            buy the book as one of my best recommendations:

          4. Boston University’s Prof. Lorena Barba complete CFD online tutorial. This set of lectures are the basics for every CFD practitioner without which it is impossible to practice reliable CFD.CFD Lectures – Boston University
          5. presentation does not stand on a mathematical basis but gives the wise intellectual listener a motivating approach for the ever so exciting and extraordinary concept of Turbulence.
            Turbulence: Finding Order in Chaos
          6. KTH’s Dan Henningson et al. DNS of the structure of a boundary layer by DNS (I shall admit it was hard to choose by such a variety of KTH simulations regarding the field of turbulence and especially transition)Turbulent Boundary Layer (APS Gallery Submission)
            I especially recommend the following book:


      1. Flow with the Flow

Some shall be added as we blog along… Enjoy (and favorite book…) ;


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