Turbulence Modeling – The Gist (Based on Tenzor’s Advanced ANSYS Fluent Course)

The attached presentation is taken from TENZOR advanced ANSYS Fluent course presenting the portion of the course summarizing turbulence modeling (workshops we have created specifically for the course are available by demand).
We’ve tried to keep as many representing important topics inside – The Gist, but of course (keeping in mind the short time and the workshops) I always feel many related and as important topics are left out, trying to at least mention them in the lecture itself.

Update 29/3/18: Stress-Blended Eddy Simulation (SBES) (slides 86-87)

Update 15/4/18: Near Wall Treatment for ε-Equation Based Models (slides 48-49)

Update 23/4/18: Realizable k-ε overview (slides 45-47)

Update 26/4/18: Workshop link (instructions on slides 20-29)

Update 21/6/18: The v2-f Turbulence Model (slides 63-64)

Update 21/6/18: Shielded Detached Eddy Simulation (SDES) (slide 85)

Update 27/8/18: Embedded/Zonal LES (ELES/ZLES) (slides 88-89)

Update 25/3/19: GEKO Turbulence mode

Advanced ANSYS Fluent Course – Turbulence Modeling


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