About Me

My name is Tomer Avraham, I am married to an adorable wife, have two amazing children and a dog.
I shall admit first, I’m absolutely passionate about physics, especially fluid dynamics and CFD which for me is a hobby, a passion and perhaps a pursue as it occupies me even on times it’s not directly practiced.

I’ve conducted my MSC thesis at TAU, in the field of CFD (focusing on a specific mode of transition I find fascinating). 🙂 ).


I share a simple point of view which I call “my 5-C zone” for both my CFD practice and life in general:

  1. Consciousness – Make a vision of what my future shall be like. Construct a clear visualization of yourself attending to achieving your goal. To be able to that one has to know oneself; The old advice in the book: “Know thy self”. My way for striving for that goal is through two hour daily Vipassana Meditation.
  2. Commitment – Focus on the route of achieving my vision on a conscious positive (and fun…) level with as less distractions as possible, devoted to constantly taking action, knowing that the route to success is not a straight line but a devoted way of life which requires time and effort (my 10,000 and a lot more hours commitment to become an expert) , finding happiness in the route itself.
    Again, besides being a valuable tool for getting to know myself, meditation is a wonderful tool to stay undistracted  and focused.
  3. Competence – The only way to live my vision is to acquire the skill and expertise and stay constantly evolving. This is only achieved by work, work and work…
  4. Confidence – Gratifications are a bonus and rejections are not yours. Failure is inevitable, and we should try being robust but antifragile – we learn and gain the most from failure. Look for the silver lining.
  5. Community – Allays stay consciously connected to other people, giving and getting support and different point of views and perspectives. Networking and collaborating. Deeply respecting other people for their devotion and route to happiness (essentially, we all want to be happy ☺).

As a poetic naturalist I tend to find my self engrossed either by study or correspondence as much as my intellect and time allows in various layers of scientific nature (with special emphasis on modern physics, mathematics, evolution), keeping skepticism as the light that guides me.

Saying all that, I aim for the blog to share my CFD and fluid mechanics thoughts over quite a broad spectrum of related topics. I guess the idea behind the decision to blog besides my tendency to share knowledge and an ever growing hunger for new insights is the opportunity to be able to do so without having to think whether it’s appropriate or not… it’s mine 😉

For company CFD and Thermal Analysis dedicated lecturing contact:

Email: Tomer@Tenzor.co.il (no charge for e-mail/call consulting)

mobile: 054-3551807

For complete engineering, analysis and design “turn key solution” by TENZOR authoritized channel partner ANSYS